Oracle readings

1 card message
I will draw 1 card with a message you need to hear right now.
+ €4.44 per extra card

1 card message for the week
ONLY on Sunday or Monday*
I will draw 1 card with a message for the week ahead.
+ €4.44 per extra card

Open question with 1 card answer
Ask an open question and I will draw a card with an answer.
+ €4.44 per extra card

Mix & match
I lay out a mix of cards from different decks with a message for you.

Flex message
I draw random cards to see what message the spirit angels have for you.
Amount of cards/length of reading is based on the € amount you pay.

Tarot readings

Can’t decide between 2 options? I won’t tell you the “best way” as I believe you write your own book of life. I will lay out cards for both options and tell you the energies/probable outcome they bring.

Current situation/problem + best course of action
*Short reading
Dealing with a situation and need more clarity? Tell me the issue you are struggling with and I will give you insights on the best course of action. This reading is relatively short as I will focus on the main aspects of this situation.

Past, present, future
*Short reading
You can choose 1 topic: general/career/love/money
This will give you insight on your current situation, how you got to this point and what the outlook is on the future if you continue on this path/energy.

This will show your desires, fears and lessons you can take out of it.
I use the “Sexual magic tarot” deck for this reading.

General reading *most booked*
*Extensive reading
As this is a general reading, I will give you details about a situation/phase of your life that is currently taking the most energy and/or something you should pay most attention to. This reading is also a great option if you just want to know where you stand in life as I cover the past, present, future, internal, external energies, and so on. This is a very detailed reading so please be aware that I will give you loads of information.
The reading is always done with extra oracle cards.

Reading love/money/career *most booked*
*Extensive reading
Please pick 1 topic only.
This reading will give specific insights on the chosen topic.
It can help you find answers or give confirmation. I will tell you about the situation at hand, the surrounding internal and external energies, the best course of action, the most definite outcome and much more. This reading is also very detailed so buckle up for the flow of information as it is a lot to take in.
The reading is always done with extra oracle cards.

Inner child reading
*Intense reading
Here I go to the depths of your soul. I will ask your inner child about your (childhood) traumas/blockages, what he/she’s been missing, how it affects you in your life right now. I will provide you with the best course of action on how to process this in a healthy way. All readings are personal, however, this one is especially sensitive so please make sure you are open and ready to receive this information and trust/allow me to go this deep into your energy.
I will add extra oracle cards if I need more information.

Combo reading
Combine any of the extensive readings together for a better price.
When I do multiple spreads about different topics back to back; it will show how different aspects of your life are affected and influenced by each other. It reveals how everything is connected and can give a total picture in detail.
2 readings = €90
3 readings = €120

Audio call reading
Book a call with me and ask anything you want. I’ll draw cards as we speak.
30 min €60
1 hour €100